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        The Green New Deal Is a Losing Strategy for Millennials

        It has been nearly three weeks since AOC’s Green New Deal failed in the Senate, but millennials refuse to let the “Green Dream” die...

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        The Sound of Ignorance: Lilting Rogers & Hammerstein Song Deployed to Show How Evil Trump Is

        A New York Times scribe finds sinister meaning when "Edelweiss" was played at the White House.

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        Michelle Obama’s Silly Trump Joke Reinforces Negative Stereotypes About Divorced Dads

        Michelle Obama may be the one who needs an adjustment in her thinking.

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        What Do Women Really Care About? A Conversation with Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson

        On this episode of "She Thinks," Kristen Soltis Anderson joins the podcast to discuss voter demographics ahead of the 2020 election.

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        What Did People Do Before There Were College Loans?

        Student loans didn't exist in the 1960s. And yet . . . people still graduated from college. What happened?

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        Are tiny shampoo bottles really the problem?

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        Twenty Years After Columbine: Are Our Kids Safer?

        Schools should assume every day that someone is out there who wants to harm their students.

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        Via Forbes

        by Carrie L. Lukas

        This mislabeled bill is sold as a way to end discrimination against women, but this ignores that discrimination is already illegal. Worse, the bill’s proposed new red tape and associated specter of more lawsuits would encourage employers to standardize pay scales and offer less flexibility...

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        Further investigation of Trump is pointless political theater

        Via Boston Globe

        by Jennifer C. Braceras

        It’s time to move on...

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        Price transparency is key to a functional health-care market

        Via The Hill

        by Hadley Heath

        At the heart of our nation’s debate over health care are two questions: Do we currently have a market for health care? Should we have one?...

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        Go to a Cheap College — or None at All

        Via National Review

        by Naomi Schaefer Riley

        A bachelor’s degree certifies a set of life skills you don’t really need college for...

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        Wisconsin deserves full transparency about vouchers

        Via The Hill

        by Vicki E. Alger

        Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) has been promising transparency about voucher programs, but he and his allies are delivering half-truths instead...

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        Biggest Mueller Report Bombshell Should Be Russian Interference ? Media Buzz

        Many Americans Don't Care About the Mueller Report ? Cavuto Live

        Obama Playbook Will Not Be Enough to Get Joe Biden in the White House ? Fox & Friends


        Mueller Report Finally Available: What did it say and what is next? ? WAMU ? Listen >>>

        Another Confirmed Case of the Measles: What to do about anti-vaxxers? ? WBAL ? Listen >>>

        How to Incentivize Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids So Everyone Wins ? Steve Gruber Show ? Listen >>>


        From politician’s daughter to SNL punchline, Meghan McCain has embraced going mainstream

        Via The Washington Post

        by Inez Feltscher Stepman

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        FDA’s Sharpless will not be kind to vaping

        Via Vaping Post

        by Julie Gunlock

        It has been a full week since Scott Gottlieb has left the Food and Drug Administration. Sharpless will be no improvement when it comes to regulating vapes and e-cigarettes...

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        Conservatives Need to Reclaim Feminism or Pick a New Word

        Via The Daily Signal

        by Inez Stepman and Kelsey Bolar

        But a weightier question remains. Should conservatives reclaim the word “feminism,” or finally toss it to the left?..

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